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  • CaterWeb
    This infographic is designed by Caterweb. Caterweb is a company based in Johannesburg, South Africa with both an online store presence and a walk-in showroom. Caterweb supplies all of the latest brands of quality catering equipment and commercial refrigeration to the hospitality and food industry throughout South Africa and its neighboring countries. Source: Catering Equipment
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  • Heat Exchanger
    This infographic was made by Heat Exchangers. The infographic demonstrates the different types of heat exchanger. A shell and tube heat exchanger is a class of heat exchanger designs. It is the most common fluid in the tubes passes through the fluid in the shell. In a single pass heat exchanger, the fluid goes in one end of each tube and out the other. Source: Commercial Air Cooler
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  • Homecraft Textiles
    This infographic is designed by Homecraft Textiles. Family owned and operated, we specialize in dress fabrics, natural linen, silk, velvet haberdashery, curtaining, and soft furnishings since 1999. We’re Australia’s largest independent stockists with a range of exotic and classic fabrics arriving from all corners of the globe. A true fabric emporium, our stores model traditional...
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  • Devnetic
    This infographic is designed by Devnetic.Digital Marketing Agency providing clients with excellent value services within one company. We offer Web Design & Development, Digital Marketing, SEO services, Social Media Management, Graphic Design, Web hosting, and much more Source: Digital Marketing Agency
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  • PaddoPhysio
    This infographic is designed by PaddoPhysio. At Paddington Physiotherapy & Podiatry our experienced team of specialists aims to reduce and eliminate pain, enhance recovery, and improve our clients’ performance in both sport and life. All our clinical staff is university educated, some with postgraduate degrees. We have extended opening hours 7 am to 7 pm Monday to Friday and endeavour...
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  • Paint By Numbers
    This infographic designed by Pain By Numbers Online. We are dreamers who want to facilitate the painting process for anyone out there wanting to create art. Source: Paint By Numbers For Kids
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  • Rogers Capital
    This infographic designed by Rogers Capital. At Rogers Capital, we are strategists, thinkers, and innovators. We are team players. In other words, we help you beat the odds. We devise and implement ingenious solutions to help you navigate an evolving marketplace. We do not see problems, we only see opportunities. Our professional services include Corporate Administration, Fund Administration,...
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  • Beyond Communications
    This infographic designed by Beyond Communications. Beyond Communications is a highly perceptive communications agency with a sharp and clever approach to cultivating ideas, generating concepts, and crafting uniquely creative solutions. In a nutshell, an attentive and proactive team that leverages its breadth and depth of expertise to help you refine your brand identity and your corporate...
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  • The SEO LAB - Digital Marketing Company Mauritius
    The following infographic is provided by SEO Mauritius. For many local businesses, running a PPC advertising campaign is easier said than done, even if you already have a handle on the basics like picking keywords and creating a budget. Try these tips to give your search engine marketing a competitive edge and deliver more leads from your strategy. Source: Web Development Mauritius
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  • Car Craft - Smash, Paint, Accidental Repair in Perth
    This infographic teaches you all you need to know about car repair. The infographic created by Car Craft provides you the ultimate guide to knowing the level of time. Denting and Painting. Bumper Repair. Car Care Annual Checklist. and the color of your car say about you Source: Panel Beaters Perth
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