Aluminum circle blanks are a generally used steel cloth with excellent houses including lightness, longevity, and corrosion resistance. They also can be floor handled and processed, and are broadly utilized in creation, transportation, machinery, electronics and other fields. The subsequent is an introduction to the uses and specifications of 1100 aluminium circle on the market.
Ⅰ makes use of
1. Creation subject
Aluminum discs can be used as building curtain wall materials. They may be made into numerous shapes, which could resist robust winds, heavy rain, solar and other climate situations, and will not purpose corrosion, deformation, etc. For lengthy-time period use. At the identical time, aluminum discs also can be used as indoors decoration materials, increasing the visual impact of the gap.
2. Transportation field
Aluminum discs may be used as components for vehicles which includes vehicles, trains, ships, and many others. Due to the fact aluminum discs have the advantages of mild weight, excessive electricity, corrosion resistance, etc., they can reduce the burden of the automobile and improve the protection of the vehicle. At the identical time, aluminum discs can also be used as partitions, decks, superstructures and other additives of ships, with properly water resistance and wind pressure resistance.
3. Mechanical discipline
Aluminum circles can be used as mechanical components, manual rails, bearings, and so on. Due to the fact aluminum discs have accurate wear resistance, corrosion resistance and electric conductivity, they are able to meet various needs of the machinery production enterprise and also can reduce the wear and tear of mechanical additives.
Four. Digital subject
Aluminum discs may be used as the primary electrode cloth of electrolytic capacitors. They have the characteristics of high conductivity, low density, and right chemical balance, and can meet the wishes of use at excessive frequencies and high temperatures.
At the equal time, aluminum discs also can be used as electronic warmth sink materials, that may correctly use up warmness, lessen the temperature of digital components, and improve the overall performance of electronic additives.
Five. Pressure vessel field
Aluminum circle discs can be used as the primary fabric of stress vessels. They can resist excessive pressure and high temperature. Additionally they have incredible corrosion resistance and can meet the desires of various industries, such as petrochemicals.
Ⅱ Specification
1. Thickness: The thickness of aluminum circles typically stages from zero.2mm to 10mm. The specific thickness selection depends at the utilization requirements and procedure conditions.
2. Diameter: The diameter of the aluminum disc can be processed into one-of-a-kind sizes consistent with wishes, and the diameter variety is normally between 5mm and 2000mm. 12 spherical aluminum plate is a very popular preference.
Three. Alloy: The common alloys of aluminium discs include 1050, 1060, 1100, 3003, 5052 and 6061. Exceptional alloys have one of a kind chemical compositions and physical homes and need to be decided on in line with the precise use surroundings.
4. Surface remedy: Aluminum wafers may be surface treated by way of anodizing, electrophoretic painting, spraying, frosting, and many others. To improve the surface finish, corrosion resistance, floor hardness and different residences of the aluminum spherical plate.
5. Processing era: Aluminum discs can be processed with the aid of various processing techniques which include shearing, punching, slicing, pressing, rolling, and so forth., and can be shaped into merchandise of diverse styles and sizes.