From July 7th, the German patch notes for the TBC Classic patch have been released by Blizzard developers. This patch not only fixes WoW: Shadowlands, but also fixes errors in Burning Crusade Classic on some online servers. Blizzard developers said that these mainly revolve around some missions in the Heroic Dungeon and the Great Chief Kargath Bladefist in the Broken Hall.

According to the original news released by Blizzard developers on July 7th, it can be found that some of the missions of these Cheap TBC Classic Gold heroic dungeons mainly include the tearing of the mother of the earth, the Demon Encyclopedia and the fertile soil of the underworld, and the boss in the Broken Hall. Blade Fist will no longer be without his sword dance. Since the error has been fixed, it should work now.

According to sources, Blizzard has released the German patch notes for the TBC Classic patch on July 7. Currently you can read the official English patch notes. Once Blizzard releases the German patch notes, we will update this news. The patch is an update on the server side without downloading new data. Some of the changes listed below will take effect immediately after Blizzard's implementation, while other changes will only take effect after an announced server restart. Please note that if there is no client patch, some problems cannot be fixed.

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As can be seen from the patch notes released by Blizzard, starting from July 7, 2021, the errors in WoW Burning Crusade Classic have been fixed. Players can now complete "Tears of the Earthlings" and "Demons" in the heroic dungeon. In-game missions such as "Encyclopedia" and "Fertile Underworld". In addition, this patch fixes the bug that Warchief Kargath Swordfist cannot use Sword Dance as expected in some cases.

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