In the TBC Classic Gold primitive area of ​​Maw, Torghast tormentors will happen once a week. The incident essentially reflected the wrath of the jailer, and it ended with the release of 9.1. Because most of the new 9.1 content in Shadowlands is focused on Korthia. Every week, players have the opportunity to unlock unique limited-time rewards. At the beginning of a new week, the rewards will be reset, encouraging players to participate in the event at least once every 7 days.

At the beginning of the event, three independent elite mobs will appear, they are lieutenant mobs. Once these three creatures are defeated, a boss creature will be spawned. For elite enemies, the player needs at least two other characters to help them. Team up and use basic strategies to eliminate Tormentor and protect the spoils. If you have a senior role, get a little help from others on the server. There are a total of 15 possible torturers, each with unique abilities and weaknesses.

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After completing the event, players will get 50 soul cinders, which is the main attraction of the event. The reward is limited to once a week, but it is just one of three different ways to get Soul Ashes in 9.1. Therefore, everyone should try to play this activity at least once a week. In addition, people can obtain soul cinder from the covenant raid and the Torgast run above the 9th floor. Of the three options, Torgast's tormentor has the least pressure.

The time requirement of this activity is also low, because there will be many roles on the server to join. Players who participate in the event for the second time will receive consolation prizes for senior representatives of death and some soul ash. Anyone who wants to increase prestige or get some soul ashes can consider participating in this event. Patch 9.1 introduces legendary levels 5 and 6 into the Cheap TBC Classic Gold realm of shadows. Players will no longer be able to upgrade using only soul ash, and will no longer need soul ash to upgrade their armor to level 262. In the new update, soul fragments have become the most valuable currency because they are the only items that can be used to reach the highest level of equipment.

In addition, this event has a chance to drop weekly legendary items. Last week’s legendary item was the chain mount of Bahmethra. Every week before the end of the event, players have the opportunity to collect legendary items. It should be noted that this item will only appear in the tormentor's treasure chest and can only be picked up by the character once a week. In this process, players will need to consume a large amount of Classic TBC Gold. For those players who don't have much time to play games, this is not a small number. So I recommend MMOWTS to you, their products are always the lowest price.