Cocomelon is an animated series for children which is available on youtube and it has gained immense popularity among the children, as the show has diverse cocomelon characters images which are loved and enjoyed by the children a lot. 

In this blog we will be looking at the cocomelon characters which are adored by the children a lot so if you are interested in knowing the cocomelon names then make sure that you are reading the blog correctly.

Best Characters of Cocomelon Animated Series for Children - 

  • JJ - JJ is the lead character of the show and he has a huge smile on his face and is always curious, enthusiastic and loves to explore the things around him. 

  • Tom Tom - Tom Tom is the elder brother of JJ who is one of the most adored characters because of his playful and mischievous nature and he joins JJ on his adventures and explorations. 

  • Yo Yo - Yo Yo is JJ’s sister who is a sweet little girl and is very courageous which helps her in tackling any problem she faces. Her most of the time is spent with JJ and Tom tom, her brothers. 

Other important and lovable cocomelon character names which are loved by children such as Dad, mom, Ms. Appleberry, Grandpa, Grandma, Bingo, Cody, Bella, Nina, Cece, Nico, Boba, etc. 

We hope that after reading this blog you are able to know the names of all loved and adorable cocomelon characters which are present in this animated series made for kids for fun.