5154 aluminum alloy is an alloy with better corrosion resistance and strength among the 5000 series and has many applications.

5154 aluminum sheet used for aerospace Industry: Aluminum alloys are commonly used in aircraft structures, wings, fuselages and other aerospace components because of their low density and excellent strength.

Automotive Industry: Aluminum alloys are used in automobile manufacturing, including engine components, body structures, and wheel rims, to reduce vehicle weight and improve fuel efficiency.

Construction industry: Aluminum alloys can be used in door and window frames, curtain walls, roof covering materials, etc. in buildings.

Electronic and electrical equipment: Aluminum alloys are used in electronic enclosures, heat sinks and cable protection.

Chemical Equipment: Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloys are commonly used in the manufacture of chemical equipment and containers.

Railway vehicles: Aluminum alloys are widely used in high-speed trains and light rail trains to reduce vehicle mass and improve energy efficiency.

Sheet metal processing: Aluminum alloys can be used to manufacture sheet metal products such as tanks, boxes and covering panels.

Shipbuilding: Aluminum alloys are used in hulls, decks, and structures because they resist corrosion and help lighten the ship's mass.