Have you spotted any teeny tiny insects roaming around your home? Or are you sensing a weird smell and dust particles in and around your home?
Maybe your home has become infested with pests, and you have tried DIY solutions which did little to no help and now it is time to get rid of them with the professional pest control solutions. Best termite treatment gold coast

If that’s the case then you need to take quick action because this might not only be a pest infestation but also an invitation to unwanted diseases. Before it becomes too dangerous, call a pest control service to your home or office in the Brisbane and Gold coast area. There are various pests and insects which are not harmful to your health directly but still can cause several infections and can create grit. Using a professional pest control service comes out as the only option in this scenario. It helps in getting rid of infestations and making sure that your place is free from unwanted and annoying pests.

What might confuse you next is the plethora of choices in pest control services across Brisbane and Gold Coast. Here are some important tips to remember before booking with the pest control service company. We encourage our readers to keep these things in mind while choosing the service.


There are various chemicals available for pest control treatments and these days supermarkets across the country stock some DIY products and chemicals to do the pest control. The problem with those products is that they provide temporary solution and they can be health risk for your kids and pets as the chemicals are stored in homes. Some people are also allergic and immune compromised so it is highly recommended not to store or use any chemicals that can lead to unnecessary and unwanted health issues. This is the time when you must use a professional pest control company who uses LICENSED CHEMICALS to perform the treatment and their technicians are also trained and qualified to do the job in the most safe and protective manner without any disturbance. Also discuss your allergies with them in advance and make sure that explain them in detail and you have peace of mind while choosing them. The professional company should be able to talk about your health concerns and potential risks(If any) and explain their working process. Making and informed decision on the basis of available information from the company will give you a long term solution.


Any professional pest control service in the Gold coast and Brisbane area will follow a set procedure to treat your property. It starts with a proper and thorough inspection of the premises that reveal the types of bugs that are being threat and helps to formulate an appropriate plan of action. Inspection also helps in identifying the severity of the problem, extent of damage caused and associated health risks to the family members and pets if left untreated. They will also help you understand the eradication process and advise you of any follow-up treatments to eliminate the problem from the root and provide long-term solution. You may also ask for tips to reduce the effect of these type of infestations in future.


This is one area where one must have a clear understanding of the inclusions and exclusions of the required service to avoid any conflict at a later stage. Warranties vary from company to company and some specialised treatments require paid follow-up visits before any warranty can be offered. Warranties also vary on the location of the property a property closer to a bushland may have less warranty because of the high environmental pressure as opposed to a normal property in an Urban suburb. Cheap price might be a lucrative option to start with but could be very expensive affair in the long run. Always remember, You get what you pay for. So choose a company which will standby their warranty and provide all the necessary information before they perform the service at your place.


It is always recommended to go for a registered pest control service which is Licensed and Insured to do the job at your premises. Understand their company policies and services. They must be able to provide you with a copy of their Insurance and License upon request. The license of the pest control company ensures that you are getting services from a valid provider. Insurance and license details of the company are very crucial to determine the efficiency of the services that you will get. There might be some companies with expired licenses and taking services from such companies could be a very painful and expensive fix in the long run. Make sure the company is legit before you confirm a booking with them to avoid any hassle.


When you decide to get the quotes make sure that you either call the company or send them an email. A professional pest control service in Gold coast and Brisbane area should be able to provide you with a quote with inclusions and exclusions that come with their pest control service. The size of the property is also a major factor in determining the cost of pest control service. Always insist on getting a written quote so that you exactly know what your are getting and at what Price.


Now that you have done a bit of company research have a good idea of how the service works and have a price indication of a pest control service. How do you choose one over the other. While doing the comparison make sure to compare service warranty, price, reliability and most Importantly TRUST. It does not matter what company you choose, at the end of the you are putting forward a TRUST that a particular company will do a good job at my place and will standby their service. So, choose the one whom you Trust the Most.


After the service has been completed the technician should always provide you with a summary of what has been done. Any areas that require further maintenance/treatments. Any follow-up visits that are required. They should also provide you with a Certificate of treatment and also provide your recommendations in writing so that you can refer back to them in case the need arises. Also, the company should be able to answer any questions or concerns that you may have in a prompt and professional manner.


Pest and insects are a real headache for everyone. Having them in your home invites various diseases and costly damages. Especially if you have small kids at home then this becomes a bigger issue. The problem becomes bigger if you have kids or pets at home.With a lot of companies to choose from throughout the Brisbane and Gold Coast area it is highly recommended to make an informed decision based on the above-mentioned factors and TRUST.