If you want to run payroll without any errors with the help of QuickBooks, you need to update the tax tables with the latest updates. The latest updates ensure that subscribers do not make mistakes while filing taxes. In this article, we have covered everything about the newest QuickBooks payroll tax tables update and how to install it properly. Keep reading the article to learn more about the payroll tax table updates.

How to check the version of the current QuickBooks payroll tax table?

The steps to check the currently installed version of QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table are:

·         Open QuickBooks.

·         Go to the Employees tab.

·         Select “My payroll service”.

·         Click Tax Table Information.

·         Note the first three numbers under the “You are using tax table version section”.

·         The tax table information section will show 10929004 if you are using the latest tax table updates.

·         If you do not get 109 at the beginning of the numbers, it means your tax tables are outdated.

How to install the recent payroll tax tables?

The procedure to install the latest Payroll tax table is:

·         If automatic updates are enabled, QuickBooks payroll will download and install the recent table updates by itself.

·         However, if the automatic updates are not enabled, the process needs to be done manually. To update manually, run QuickBooks Desktop and upon opening it, go to the Help tab.

·         Click “update QuickBooks”.

·         Under “update now”, click “Get updates”.

·         Restart after the downloading of updates is done.

·         Now, restart QuickBooks, hit Yes on the onscreen prompt, and get the updates installed.

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