However, when it comes to the decoration of sunglasses, when it comes to aesthetics, although there is also a lot of recommendations eyeglass online about what face shape is suitable for what style and shape of glasses, to be honest, as someone with a big cake face, I feel like I am a standard oval face, this subjective thing.


I think it's better not to worry about the shape of your face. Trying it on directly is the most accurate way. If you're not sure about your aesthetics, you can invite friends to consult with you and then compare the prices of eyeglasses online. If the price of the same model is lower in the brand's flagship store, wouldn't it be more fragrant?


For those who enjoy outdoor activities such as cycling, mountaineering, and skateboarding, it is advisable not to choose glass lenses as they are fragile and pose safety risks.


When driving, it is best to wear polarizers to reduce road glare, and the color of the lenses should be brown or grayish-green. Wearing glasses should be able to clearly distinguish between red and green.


For nearsighted friends, if they are accustomed to wearing contact myopia lenses, they can first wear contact myopia lenses. If choosing sunglasses with myopia lenses, do not choose sunglasses near me now with frames that are too large, and do not have too much curvature, otherwise wearing them at the same degree will also make them uncomfortable.


The basic style, with excellent quality and timeless style, is the right choice for pragmatists who want to save trouble and don't want to spend too much money on sunglasses.