In the Asia Pacific market, calcium propionate price forecast faced a downward trajectory in the first quarter due to weak demand and increasing stockpiles. Despite low Ethylene costs, the second quarter saw continued price decline due to market fluctuations and decreasing feedstock costs. Similarly, in Europe, weak demand, high inventories, and efficient China-Europe trade routes led to price drops in both quarters. In North America, echoing the global trend, feeble demand, economic uncertainties, oversupply, and geopolitical tensions resulted in price declines. Overall, calcium propionate prices were negatively impacted by subdued demand, inventory levels, fluctuating market sentiments, and external factors.


Calcium propionate is a white crystalline powder or granular solid with the chemical formula Ca(C2H5COO)2. It serves as a food preservative and mold inhibitor, preventing spoilage in baked goods. It's soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, and insoluble in ether. Calcium propionate is effective at inhibiting mold and bacterial growth, extending the shelf life of food products. It's generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by regulatory agencies when used within specified limits and is widely used in the food industry to maintain product quality and safety.

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Industrial Uses Impacting the Calcium Propionate Price Trend:

Calcium propionate finds significant industrial use as a food preservative. It is added to various bakery and processed food products to extend shelf life by inhibiting mold and bacterial growth. This helps maintain product freshness, quality, and safety. Additionally, calcium propionate is utilized in animal feed to prevent spoilage and maintain nutritional integrity. Its effectiveness in inhibiting microbial growth makes it valuable in ensuring the stability and longevity of food items and feedstuffs. However, its industrial use is primarily focused on food and feed applications, given its ability to address spoilage concerns and enhance the overall safety of these products.

Key Players:

  • Fine organics
  • Aglile Nobel
  • Niacet, A Kerry Company
  • Henan Chemsino Industry Co Ltd
  • Puratos

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