Looking to take your Tick gameplay to the next level? Our comprehensive guide has got you covered with all the essential information you need to dominate the battlefield in Brawl Stars.

Here's what you can expect from our updated guide: - Tick's position in the latest Brawl Stars tier list, ensuring you're well-informed about his current standing in the game. - The optimal build for Tick, focusing on enhancing his area control and survivability to give you the edge in battles.

When it comes to Tick's gadgets, there's one standout choice: - "Last Hurrah" stands out as the go-to gadget for Tick players, offering a valuable shield that not only protects you from damage but also reflects it back to nearby enemies. It's the perfect tool for punishing aggressive opponents and keeping them at bay.Tick in Brawl Stars has a few great options to enhance his abilities and maximize his effectiveness in battles. Here are some tips and strategies for using Tick effectively:

  • Mine Mania Gadget : This gadget can be a game-changer in certain situations. It allows Tick to unleash a rapid burst of three mines, creating a sudden minefield that can catch enemies off guard or be used for area control and defense. It's perfect for protecting objectives or creating barriers during retreats, adding a tactical advantage to Tick's arsenal.

  • Last Hurrah : When it comes to choosing a gadget for Tick, Last Hurrah is often the preferred choice. Its focus on maximizing survivability aligns well with Tick's playstyle, making it a crucial tool for staying in the fight and outlasting opponents.

When it comes to Tick's star powers, both options offer distinct advantages:

  • Well Oiled : This star power enables Tick to recover health more rapidly when not taking damage, enhancing his resilience and allowing for hit-and-run tactics. It's a valuable asset for maintaining sustained presence in battles and recovering between mine-laying barrages.

  • Automa-Tick Reload : This star power accelerates Tick's reload time, allowing him to deploy mines more frequently and exert constant pressure on the battlefield. While it's a viable choice, Well Oiled is generally recommended for its overall effectiveness.

Overall, Tick's gear choices should prioritize enhancing his survivability and control on the battlefield. By combining the right gadgets and star powers, players can unleash Tick's full potential and dominate in Brawl Stars matches.

Tick, the explosive little robot, thrives on area denial and evasion in Brawl Stars. To enhance his survivability and playstyle, the Shield Gear is a crucial asset. This consumable shield grants Tick an additional 900 health, reinforcing his ability to withstand enemy attacks and control the battlefield.

The strategic advantage of the Shield Gear becomes evident as it regenerates every 10 seconds when Tick is at full health. This ensures that Tick can continuously benefit from the extra survivability, allowing him to stay in the fight for extended periods.

Another valuable gear for Tick is the unique mythic gear called Thicc Head. This exceptional gear provides Tick's head with an extra 1,000 health, empowering him to secure kills more frequently. Players controlling Tick should capitalize on this special gear to maximize his combat effectiveness and resilience on the battlefield.

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