When cheapest eyeglasses slide or when lenses appear to press heavily on the bridge of the nose when worn, the curvature of the legs can be adjusted to make the frame more firmly fixed on the ear, and the center of gravity will also shift back, reducing the weight of glasses sliding and pressing on the bridge of the nose.


Adjust the width of the nasal support. When titanium and metal frames have nasal support, if the distance between the nasal support is too large, adjust the distance between the nasal support. When the distance between nasal supports is small, increase the distance between nasal supports.


Adjust the height of the nose rest. If the nose bridge is too low, when wearing a frame that slides down or eyelashes touch the lens, the nose rest can be slightly raised to adjust it higher. The bridge of the nose is too high, and the frame appears high, which can lower the nose rest.


The crowd wearing cheapest eyeglasses online, the duration of wearing glasses every day, and the high frequency of usage make the comfort of wearing glasses crucial. And sliding down while wearing glasses is almost a problem that almost everyone wearing glasses will encounter.


How to solve this problem? Before getting glasses, it is important to pay attention to a few details about the frame selection: for people with higher degrees, it is not recommended to choose too thin legs, and the frame should not be too large, otherwise the legs will bear less weight and the glasses will easily slide down. If this problem exists, the best way to deal with it is to replace it with a pair of glasses!


If there is obvious asymmetry in the face (most people's faces are not absolutely symmetrical), it is recommended to choose a frame with a nose rest.