The residence permit in Latvia is a government document that confirms the legal status of its holder. Typically, this status provides the right to permanent residency in the country. Latvian immigration law provides various grounds for obtaining a residence permit, including conducting business, employment, religious activities, investments in the economy, including real estate, banks, and enterprises, as well as family reunification, university studies, and scientific collaboration.

Additionally, unlike many other EU member states, Latvia does not set minimum residence times for holding a residence permit, which is a distinct advantage among the Baltic states. It is important to note that family members can apply for their documents simultaneously with the main applicant. After a year of residence, one can take a driving test and obtain a European model driver's license. After six months of living in the country, one can acquire the status of a tax resident of Latvia.

Residence Permit in Latvia: Registration Options

The residence permit in Latvia is divided into several types, each aimed at specific conditions and purposes for the stay of foreigners in the country. These types allow one to legally live, work, and study within Latvia. Here are some of the main categories:

Work and Business Activity: Intended for foreign nationals coming to Latvia for employment or to manage their own business.
Education: Issued to students enrolling in Latvian educational institutions.
Family Reunification: For those aiming to join close relatives already living in Latvia. This includes foreigners married to a Latvian resident.
Investments: Targeted at foreigners investing in the country’s economy, for example, through purchasing an apartment or house, or investing in the capital of Latvian companies.
Religious: For representatives of religious organizations coming to Latvia to conduct spiritual activities.
Special: Issued in exceptional cases, for example, to retirees from visa-free countries or other categories of persons as per Latvian legislation.

What is the duration of a residence permit issued in Latvia?

In Latvia, a temporary residence permit is usually issued for a period of up to 5 years. A notable feature is that when issuing a temporary residence permit for more than one year, annual registration is required to confirm the status.

However, there are exceptions for certain categories of applicants that allow avoiding the need for annual renewal:

Investments in interest-free Latvian government bonds – this type of residence permit is issued for the full term of 5 years, eliminating the need for annual renewal.
Status as a family member of a citizen of an EU member state – also granted for up to 5 years, simplifying the process of managing status.
Obtaining the European Union Blue Card – granted for a period of 2 years. The EU Blue Card is intended for highly qualified foreign specialists and can also be extended.

Residence permits in Latvia issued under the above categories make the process of living in the country more convenient for foreigners who meet certain requirements.

What does the Latvian residence permit look like?

In 2012, Latvia underwent a significant update to its residence permit issuance system. Previously used paper visa stickers were replaced with plastic identity card known as eID cards. This change greatly improved the issuance and use of documents, as plastic cards are less susceptible to the risk of forgery and unauthorized data copying.

The new type of residence permit, issued in the form of an eID card, includes biometric data of the applicants, such as fingerprints and a photograph. The registration of biometric data requires the personal presence of applicants at the relevant immigration institution. This measure is intended to enhance security and ensure the accuracy of identification data, which is now stored electronically on the card.

This approach not only increases the document's security against counterfeiting but also facilitates its use, making it more convenient for the holder of the residence permit in Latvia.

Document processing time

Latvian legislation sets specific timeframes for processing documents necessary for issuing various types of permits and visas. The document processing time directly depends on the amount of the state fee paid and can vary:

- 5 working days for urgent processing with an increased state fee.
- 10 working days for standard expedited processing.
- 30 calendar days for regular processing.

However, it's important to note that when submitting documents through a Latvian consulate, processing times may be extended. This is due to the need for consular document shipment to the Migration Department, which typically takes from 7 to 14 calendar days after submission. Therefore, when applying for documents outside Latvia, this time delay should be taken into account in the overall processing timeline.

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