I believe many friends are conflicted when it comes to getting discount eyeglasses online. Is my degree suitable for me? I went to several places for optometry, and each time it was different. Which one should I choose? I wear these degrees with similar clarity, which degree should I wear?


If the optometry process is followed correctly and combined with your own trial wearing experience, the degree of cheapest eyeglasses online should be easily judged. We have two eyes, and when we see things, we obtain visual signals through both eyes, which are then processed by the brain. So maintaining synchronized and clear vision in both eyes is very important.


So binocular balance is a very important final step in testing. Generally, methods such as prism separation, polarization separation, and polarization red green are used for binocular balance detection.


No matter how you adjust, you can see the lowest degree used with the best vision. In general, within this principle framework, we will help everyone check and provide the most suitable degree, ensuring that it can be seen clearly without being overly accurate.


But we also need to consider the overall differences in the optometry of the cheap eyeglasses near me wearer, such as different eye states, different optometry locations, different light interferences, and so on.


The position relationship of different light rays reflected in the retina after refraction after entering the refractive system of the eye is also different. Based on the corresponding positions of red, yellow, and green colors in the retina, the final balance is found through the addition and subtraction of luminosity.


When red and green cannot be balanced, choose clear red to avoid over correction and regulatory stimulation. So, basically at this step, you can find the optimal state of the monocular eye.