As an adult, the eyes have already matured. As long as you wear appropriate discount eyeglasses online and use them healthily, the degree generally does not increase. Glasses can be used for a long time, and the total price is evenly distributed over such a long period, so the daily cost is not expensive.


So we should find a reliable best place to buy eyeglasses, paired with a pair of good glasses that suit you. This not only benefits our eyes, but also prevents the degree from deepening, and the use time is longer, making the price more cost-effective.


Of course, to pair with good glasses, in addition to undergoing optometry, you also need to choose a good pair of lenses. The higher the refractive index of the lens, the lighter and thinner the lens, making it more comfortable to wear, but it is also more expensive. So if your degree is not high, there is no need to deliberately pursue a high refractive index.


The coating can bring some additional performance to lenses, such as wear resistance, radiation resistance, etc. Common coatings include hardening film, anti-fouling film, radiation resistance film, polarization film, etc. Common functional lenses include anti-blue light lenses, progressive lenses, myopia prevention lenses, color-changing lenses, driving lenses, etc.


When choosing lenses, it is generally enough to pay attention to these points. Of course, some friends are too lazy to study so much, so you choose a brand. As long as you choose the right brand, the rest are relatively guaranteed.


Finally, let me talk about one point that is easily overlooked by many, which is the functional lens. For friends with relevant needs, functional lenses are really practical.