When choosing kids' eyeglasses online frames, we try our best to help children choose frames that are suitable for their facial size while ensuring the width of their eye field of view.


Children's eyes are still in the process of development, so we not only need to ensure that they have good vision but also ensure that their visual function, especially eye movement function, is not restricted.


Hanging children's glasses legs on the ear ensures the stability of the frame and shares the overall weight of the frame, which determines the importance of the length of the legs.


If the mirror legs are too short, there will be a situation where the eyeglass frame is sandwiched on the face; If the legs of the glasses are too long, it can lead to unstable wearing of the frame, both of which can affect comfort and the corrective effect of the glasses.


Therefore, when choosing a childrens glasses frame, it is important to ensure that the bending point of the legs of the mirror can fit the point above the ear, ensuring that the frame fits snugly and preventing discomfort and pain after prolonged wear. Additionally, as the joint between the legs and frame, it is best to use an internal spring hinge, which has a certain elasticity can be extended, and is not easily broken by children.


The facial shape of children and adolescents is still developing, and the most commonly seen children are those with a "flat nose". This is because their nose bridge and peak have not truly "straightened", which may cause discomfort when wearing regular frames due to nose extensions, support areas, and adjustment angles, making it difficult to fit the frames properly.