Technology was not much associated with teaching and education before the pandemic. Back then, technology was only used in a few ways, such as smart boards in the classroom, taking the help of the internet for projects, filling out forms, and viewing results sometimes. But when the pandemic hit the world, technology got involved with teaching deeply. At first, it started with online classes, and it went on gradually.

These days students use technology 24*7. They check the notifications on their phone before they even brush. They use the internet to search ‘make my assignment' while looking for editing services and to gather data and information for their project. At first, students faced a few issues while the whole teaching process shifted from offline to online. But now they got used to it. So let's discuss how modern technology will change the way of teaching.


  1. Easy access- Several villages are there where children have to travel several miles just to attend school. However, with the help of technology, they will be able to participate in classes from their home.

Several educational websites collaborate with NGOs and schools or colleges to provide the best education to students who live in rural areas. Of course, the companies have to keep in mind that the village area may not have high-speed internet, and without it, students will not be able to attend classes. But this change will help the students to get the proper education.

  1. Saves money- Money is one major factor in education these days. These days, colleges charge large sums of money that all people may not be able to afford. However, with the help of technology, several educational companies are providing the same course at less price.

After completing the course, they will also provide opportunities to the students. In this way, several people will be able to attend teachings from experts in various fields. This is one strong reason why technology is changing the way of teaching.

  1. Recorded classes- Students lead a busy life, and almost all days are engaged with several works. As a result, sometimes, they are unable to attend live classes. But due to the record class feature, students can view the course whenever they feel like it.

In the case of offline classes, what would have happened is that if they miss the class, they will not be able to get what the teacher taught.

This feature is very beneficial for working students. They can perform all week, and on the weekend, they can sit and watch all the online classes.

  1. Better content- Before technology came into education, students had to use copies and textbooks to study help. But now, they can store all these in cloud storage. In addition, online content delivery means that there is no need to print the content, and students can access and read it whenever they feel like it.

Another advantage is that students may face problems while travelling with so many books and copies. With the help of cloud storage, they can go through the main content even while travelling.

  1. Better delivery in content- When teachers take a class offline, they only have access to the blackboard and textbooks. Sometimes they also take the help of smart boards. But in some cases or explaining a few things, the students face issues as the content they ate is unclear.

When technology comes into teaching, teachers can share several youtube video links with the students and make them understand the point. With the help of this process, students can also understand complex concepts at ease. From microbiology to using a Chicago citation generator, they can know about it all from online classes.

  1. Anytime anywhere- Going to schools and colleges can be an issue for several students and teachers. It may happen that the whole offline classroom will be shifted to an online classroom in the future. Students and teachers will be able to conduct and attend classes from their homes.

This will be beneficial for the students who live too far away from the college. Several students these days have to relocate due to their college. It will be beneficial for them too. Due to technology, teachers will also be able to take their classes according to the schedule. Teachers are generally busy, and some of them even have to teach at several other places.

Technology in teaching will be helpful for both teachers and students.

Final thoughts

From the above explanation of the points, it can be said that technology will change the image of teaching in the future. This will be helpful for both working students and teachers. The majority of the students use features like online and recorded classes. With time every student will prefer to do online classes over online.

Last but not least, from online classes, students will be able to learn more effectively. With the help of technology, they will be able to view several videos and read articles of different authors. Students will not have to reach out to friends and ask, 'do my homework. With their skills and knowledge, they will be able to solve them.