People who wear discount prescription glasses for a long time will experience deformation of the nasal bridge, and the sponge body at the nasal wings will be compressed for a long time, leading to depression. Especially for high myopia, when removing glasses, there are two pits on the bridge of the nose. Therefore, when choosing glasses, we should try to be as light as possible, which can minimize the pressure on the bridge of the nose.


However, high myopia requires attention, not the lighter the better. A common characteristic of lightweight discount eyeglasses online is that the frame is relatively thin, so it is important to maintain the positioning of the glasses on the face.


These three positions need to generate uniform force on the head simultaneously to maintain the positioning of the glasses on the face. If the degree of glasses is relatively high, the lenses will be thick and heavy. If the frame is too light and thin, there will be a situation of top heavy and footlight.


The two points of force on the legs of the mirror will weaken, which will increase the pressure on the bridge of the nose and put a greater burden on it. When choosing a frame for high myopia, it is best to choose pure titanium cheapest eyeglasses online with good leg toughness. This can ensure lightness while meeting the uniform stress on the head and sharing the pressure on the nose bridge!


Nowadays, most of the glass frames are retro styles, which are relatively large and may have a significant deviation from the actual wearing position when moved up. Therefore, retro glass frames generally need to be marked with the pupil height to align with the optical center position.