As fairies with different skin tones, choosing the color of the discountglasses frame is also quite important. In addition, choosing the color of the eyeglass frame also has a certain degree of compromise. Choosing gold for white skin will make it exquisite while choosing a color for yellow and black skin will make the skin appear white. If you are young, you can choose a more vibrant color.


An egg-shaped face is what we usually refer to as a relatively standard facial shape. It is also a pretty face shape that is suitable for any shape of glasses. After all, if you look good, everything you wear will look good. If you have an oval face, you don't have to worry about choosing a frame. You can choose a frame that suits you even with your eyes closed according to your preferences.


In the selection process, the following facial shapes and tones are mainly considered. If you have a round face, then when choosing glasses, the shape of the glasses should be isometric. The width should be wider and the height should be smaller.


If you have an oval face, the frame of your glasses should be the same as the widest part of your face. People with this facial shape should choose glasses with a height greater than the width of their nose bridge. If you have a face shape of an inverted triangle, you should focus on the top of the glasses frame. For example, cat eye prescription glasses.


People with diamond-shaped faces should focus on their eyebrows when choosing glasses. Oval and cat eye prescription glasses are both the best choices. People with square faces should choose glasses with narrow frames, oval frames, and rectangular frames. The width of the glasses should be greater than the height.