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 Join a war where you are on a very important mission. There is only one survivor in an area full of gunmen who want to eliminate you. The game experience is amazing with the best graphics and characters. Sound and all other things make a perfect shooting game. In this game, you will play as a professional gunman on a dangerous and difficult mission assigned by the organization. Enter a dangerous area where many other gunmen want to destroy you. Your opponents are very crowded and dangerous so be careful. The winner is the last person alive.

 There is a good and attractive game that should be known by many people, which is Stick Merge. In the game Stick Merge you will be involved in an extremely dramatic gunfight. Here professional gunmen will join the war for property. Stick Merge is a good shooting game loved by many players around the world that you should try. At this classic shooting game takes place an extremely dramatic gunfight and you will directly control your character in this game.