Gene synthesis is the most widely accepted discipline under recombinant DNA technology and protein production. It has been receiving maximum funds and capital from various organizations across the world. For an instance, in July 2018, the UK’s agency, Innovate UK, raised a capital worth US$ 1.76 million for the project, Evonetix Ltd, in partnership with Durham University. In April 2018, DNA Script Organization received a grant funding of US$ 5.5 million from the European Commission and French Investment Bank.

According to The Insight Partners’ research, the Global Gene Synthesis Market was valued at US$ 2,866.1 million in 2017 and is projected to hit US$ 20,122.3 million by 2025 to grow at a CAGR of 28.7% from 2018 to 2025. Increasing investments and funds for gene synthesis, rising number of start-ups, and technological advancements are the crucial factors accredited for market expansion.

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The number of new entrants in gene synthesis practices has been on a significant rise since past few years. The start-ups are proliferating due to economic support from promoters, especially for biological and engineering applications. The financial aid from government for research & development in biotechnology encourage start-ups to seek primary investments. Several countries in Asia are raising funds for the development of bioengineering procedures and gene synthesis. In May 2018, Indian government funded IITM Bioincubator, developed by Indian Institute of Technology Madras under bioinformatics facility.

Technological advancement in biotechnology has enhanced the research methodologies in gene synthesis. Various techniques such as cloning, gene sequencing, and genome engineering have developed genetically modified organisms with better adaptable properties. The technical advent in gene synthesis has increased the pace of DNA designing and slayed the cost of DNA sequencing. Most of the research organizations have adapted new technologies in research proceedings. In April 2015, Twist Bioscience launched an alpha manufacturing program for silicon-based DNA synthesis. All these aforementioned factors accelerate the global gene synthesis market.

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