In particular, a strand of hair on the head of the milk cat, which was shaped by the dog's saliva, stood firm against the cool breeze of the air conditioner like a small tug on the head of a child, and its eyes were as firm as its owner's: "Meow!" "Well, Liangliang is very good. Are you hungry?" Not too dirty, Anrongxu bent down to touch Liang Liang, who was licked by the snowball, and held her in his arms, thinking about the kitchen, picking up the mobile phone on the side, bowing his head and looking at it absentmindedly. Liang Liang only felt a fire burning from the heart, all the way to the cheeks, ashamed of the whole body stiff, even she called the stupid master Anrong Xu and answered this joke can not divert her attention. My God, what did she see? How can there be people who like to play hooligans in this era? Doesn't he feel guilty about dirtying the eyes of a pure kitten and puppy when he can run around with only a bath towel around his lower body? Because of the hot weather, An Rongxu came out of the bathroom with only a bath towel around his lower body, completely exposing his white chest to the air. Liang Liang's eyes moved down along a drop of water at the end of his hair, crossed the white but not thin chest,hot tub wholesale, crossed the abdomen with tight eight-pack abdominal muscles, and sank into the bath towel along the mermaid line with clear lines on his hips. When he approached, from Liang Liang's line of sight, he could only see two long legs against the sky, and the unspeakable scenery under the bath towel. So big.. No, it's not. Liang Liang shook his head crazily to clear out the extremely unreserved picture, the key point should be why he didn't wear fur pants inside! As if aware of Liang's straightforward and burning eyes, Anrongxu's line of sight shifted from the mobile phone to Liang,4 person jacuzzi, he freed his hand to flick Liang's forehead, "Oh, small." Stick to the chest without clothes to block, warm breath with mist blowing on the face, and the slight tremor of the chest when speaking. Such close contact made Liang Liang's whole cat stiff into a ball. I do not know whether it is because of anger, Liang Liang felt that the voice of Anrongxu has become ambiguous, with a trace of magnetic comfort, laziness and seduction. In order to divert his attention, Liang Liang had to turn his eyes desperately to the stupid master who held a black patch that had made her curious for a long time. I don't know what material the iron is made of, but it can emit light, and different pictures and words can emerge on it. That text is not Liang Liang's country, but some are very similar, rough look down, massage bathtub manufacturers ,hot tub spa manufacturers, even Meng belt guess Liang Liang actually understand a lot. The top said what young overseas Chinese returned to invest in construction, and Liang Liang could almost guess every word, but together they were completely confused. This text is accompanied by a realistic portrait of a young man, dressed in clothes similar to the style of the stupid master, and looks OK. Not as handsome as the stupid master. The middle one is Sun Jingtian, a popular star in the entertainment circle. Sun Jingtian? Isn't that the man the stupid master mentioned today? Liang Liang looked down and felt that his eyes were hot. In the portrait, she was a delicate woman with an amazing face, but she was wearing a skirt that could be said to be made of a rag. What should be covered was not covered at all. Deep breast grooves could be seen on her chest, and the broken part of her hem just showed her long legs and just covered her fart. Liang Liang was startled and quickly looked down. Internet celebrity stopped broadcasting and closed the door for dozens of days, but the neighbor broke into the house and found.. Meow a meow, what on earth did you find? This news is so worrying! Liang Liang stretched his neck to see the following picture, the text and pictures on the screen suddenly disappeared, the dark screen jumped with a string of strange characters, the crisp bell suddenly rang. The author has something to say: Naked | male welfare 2333333. It's a little late today, lying flat and flirting with _ (:) _ Chapter 9 strong and weak meow. Chapter 9 In the vehicle called "car" without a horse, Liang Liang returned to the pet shop only one day later. The difference is that this time there is an annoying passenger in the car. "Whoo, woof, woof!" "Snowball, don't scream, it's annoying.". ” However, the fat dog named "Snowball", who could not understand the language of Liang Liang and An Rongxu, was very unscrupulous and roared excitedly at the birds, pedestrians and even falling leaves outside the window, as if every object that could move was its class enemy to the end. After enduring such noise all night, Liang Liangsheng nestled in the back seat of the car and rolled himself into a ball. Yesterday, Liang Liang looked at the stupid owner and used it to send her and Snowball to the pet shop owner for two weeks on a "business trip". Wait until Liang Liang obediently nests in the bosom of an Rong Xu, wait for him to arrange the work, the night is already deep. An Rongxu, a veteran cadre with no late-night entertainment, was ready to rest after feeding two "ancestors", during which he tried to lure the well-behaved and abnormal "little ancestors" into bed. But Liang Liang kept his bottom line and firmly refused, saying that he would rather sleep with the snowball than let the stupid master defile her pure innocence. The consequence is that Liang Liang's words become a prophecy. Snowball somehow clung to Liang Liang so much that when he slept at night, he even left his spacious and comfortable kennel and insisted on squeezing Liang Liang into a small cat's nest, squeezing himself into a lump of fat. Liang Liang was forced to endure a night of snoring, grinding his teeth and talking in his sleep. He was also very frightened. The fat dog turned over and crushed himself to death. Fortunately, there is still a chance to catch up on sleep during the day, Liang Liang half squinted and ignored the noise of the snowball, enjoying the long-lost lie-in and the cool morning light, instantly feeling that there is nothing wrong with being a cat. Wang Yan's pet shop is actually near Anrongxu's residential area, and its name is "Royal Pet". Because it is next to the senior community, there are many rich people, and it is positioned as senior pet care. The store manager's surname is Wang, and the lucky cat in the shop is called Your Majesty. The name of the shop is also worthy of the name. Holding the cat in one hand and pulling the dog in the other,outdoor whirlpool, An Rongxu walked into the store like a winner in life, nodded his head as a greeting to the store manager, handed over the two and was ready to leave.