Chen Yang's efforts to use just a little bit of mental power to control the way Xuantong Youlian block in front of him, now at this time, can only rely on the way Xuantong Youlian. Although the man showed Chen Yang only a figure, but Chen Yang felt extremely strong, which gave Chen Yang an impulse to escape from here. Then the man slowly stood up straight, moved a few times at will, the bones of the whole body made a clear sound, and then he slowly turned around. Seeing the man's face, Chen Yang's weak mental strength completely collapsed. Fortunately, Dao Xuantong Youlian automatically stabilized her figure in the air. Chen Yang asked in surprise, "General?" In front of this man's appearance, and Chen Yang's memory of the image of the ancestor of zombies will be very consistent, but, to the level of zombies, should not be possible to appear on the earth, ah, what is this situation? Chapter 274 of the main text, the gift of the general. Charging section (12 o'clock) Chapter 274, the gift of the minister. The man grinned at Chen Yang, showing two pairs of long fangs, giving people a very gloomy feeling, and then said with a stiff facial expression: "Long time no see,ceramic bobbin heater core, Lao Yun." Chen Yang exclaimed, "It's really you. How did you get here?" The tone was also indescribably familiar. With a gentle smile and some rare tenderness in his eyes, the general said with a smile, "Thanks to you, but it also has something to do with my arrangement in those years." Seeing Chen Yang's puzzled expression, the general pointed to the body of the huge Orochi next to him and said, "I put this little guy at the bottom of the sea in those years. Because I was afraid that it would hurt ordinary people, I set a lot of restrictions on it. But I was very kind and gave it a little hope. I told it that as long as I could keep practicing,Ceramic Band Heater, one day." It will be possible to break free from the bondage I have set. Ha ha, this is actually I lied to it, unless it can practice to the human fairyland, otherwise it can never break away from the restrictions here, as for the current level of Reiki of the home planet (Earth), it can not practice to the level of human immortals in a few epochs, but the question is can it live so long? As soon as the minister said this, the Orochi, who had not yet died, suddenly twitched a few times, and then fainted. It was estimated that even if he did not die of his injuries, he might really be angry to death. General minister said, a slight smile, Chen Yang is to make a very helpless expression, this old friend, 10g Ozone Generator ,ceramic bobbin element, always so love pranks. The relationship between the cloud neutron and the generals is very good, even with the iron brothers to describe it is not too much, two people in the ancient flood and famine period, the favorite thing to do is a prank, I do not know how many species have been their "destructive duo" to harm, and the fighting capacity of the two people are very strong, many rare magic objects are so extinct by them. This life, Chen Yang has not that kind of love "prank" impulse, however, he is still very confused to ask: "Here is limited by you, you can only be regarded as finding a space node at most, and I see you do not look like the body, what is going on?" The general showed a look of embarrassment and said with some embarrassment, "I was too careless. I was plotted against by the boy Jesus. I don't know where he found so many innate top materials. He also asked people from the Western Buddhist world to help him arrange a very powerful array, which trapped me inside. You know, for the array, I'm no different from an idiot. Now that several eras have passed, this array has finally loosened a little bit. I just have a little chance. What you see now is just a doppelganger projected by me. The real body is still trapped inside, waiting for you to come and save me. ” Chen Yang sighed and said with a sigh, "I said, why didn't you show up when I was in the most critical time? You were trapped." The general said bitterly, "That's it. The most abominable thing is that Jesus, the bastard, showed me the image of your death. It really makes me angry." Chen Yang nodded and said with emotion, "Jesus is really unkind. He is so ungrateful that he turns his hand to us." In fact, in ancient times, Jesus is famous for his thick skin. In a sense, Jesus and Dracula can be regarded as the second generation of zombies. They are all descendants of the generals themselves. Chen Yang has also seen them personally. Their cultivation potential is almost not much worse than the generals themselves. However, neither of them is a law-abiding Lord. Although they are respectful to the generals on the surface, But secretly two people often fight each other very seriously, the general minister is not interested to manage them. Jesus did a good job in interpersonal relationships, and his relationship with the saints was fairly good. Later, inspired by the way of sanctification of Sanqing and the two saints of Buddhism, Jesus had an excellent idea, that is, he also went out independently and established a huge sect, which led to the emergence of Christianity. Jesus also specially changed his appearance, became extremely holy, and also created a large number of angels, became a large force in the Western divine world, because of the establishment of religion from the way of heaven to obtain a lot of merit, Jesus's cultivation is also immediately increased, almost equal to the generals. However, Jesus could not reach that last step, and his influence in the Western divine world was also very good with Western Buddhism, so after he asked for advice many times, the person who had become a saint told Jesus some mysteries. Originally, limited by the constitution,steatite c221, the highest cultivation of Jesus can only be at the same level as the generals and ministers. Although the generals and ministers are already in the top five of the quasi-saints, Jesus' goal is to become a saint, and this last step is his ultimate goal.