While using the Lufthansa Airline, you are in a situation that requires help from the Lufthansa customer service team; then, by using the manner explained below, you can find the real person.

By call 

The best to seek the solution for any type of issue is the calling, and the ways to obtain the number are as follows 

  • First, get to the official site of Lufthansa Airlines by using the search engine or its mobile application.

  • When the homepage opens, then click on the contact us option.

  • After this, you have the drop-down of the different countries, click on yours and dial the number.

By chat 

When you cannot connect with the customer, drive through the call for any reason, then connect them through the chat option. And by this option, you will find the human at the other end. Thus, to avail of that option, you have to get to the contact us page, and the path to get there is stated in the call option. Under the contact us page, you have to click on the chat icon.

So, with the help of this option, you will get to the real person and not have further query such as How do I talk to a real person at Lufthansa.