Forensic imaging is a module of computer forensics. It is an application of computer analytics and investigation techniques to collect data with the purpose to present in court.  A forensic image refers to a direct copy of a physical storage device, including files, folders and unallocated space. These images can be created using specialised forensic software. One of the major benefits of forensic imaging is preventing the loss of critical files. This is due to the fact that loss of evidence data can be detrimental in legal cases. Of late, the use of these techniques has increased in various clinical studies. This is due to an incessant rise in cases of chronic diseases and more body donors volunteering to support anatomical studies. Such a scenario is projected to bolster the growth of the global forensic imaging market in the years to come.

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 Increased Use of Virtual Autopsy to Aid Paced Market Expansion 

 A virtual autopsy is a specialised technique of postmortem examination which leverages imaging techniques such as forensic imaging to scan the dead body. This enables easier discovery of the cause of the death. Of late, the number of unnatural deaths occurring due to homicides, accidental trauma and suicides has increased. To investigate these deaths, the use of virtual autopsy is growing steadily. This is mainly owing to a growing inclination towards less and minimally invasive surgery coupled with pressure to not hurt religious sentiments. In addition to this, many courts are demanding compelling evidence to reveal precise causes of death in cases for legal reasons. Against such a backdrop, the forensic imaging market is expected to grow throughout the forecast period. 


 Increasing Usage of X-Ray Scans Likely to Create Significant Growth Prospects


 Forensic imaging can be carried out in different ways such as X-ray scans, CT scans, ultrasounds, and MRIs. However, the X-ray scan is likely to gain significant traction in the study period. This can be attributed to the growing prevalence of cases such as air embolism, gunshots and deaths due to vehicle collisions, thereby promoting the use of X-rays. This type of scan has the ability to locate and display foreign particles in the human body with high precision which helps in the detection of several pathological and traumatic changes. Therefore, the growing applications of X-rays are anticipated to fuel the growth of the overall forensic imaging market in the coming years. 


 North America to Remain at Vanguard of Forensic Imaging Market with Surge in Unnatural Deaths 


 Developed economies in North America reflect high growth potential in the forensic imaging market. The growing incidence of unnatural deaths has significantly triggered the demand for forensic imaging techniques throughout the region. Furthermore, the demand for pathologists in countries such as the USA and Canada-based autopsy examination centres is growing. The workload of forensic professionals is also mounting continually. This has fuelled the adoption of forensic imaging techniques. The aggregated force of these factors is projected to aid the growth of the forensic imaging market in North America.


 Prominent Market Players


 Some of the major players in the global forensic imaging market include Shimadzu Corporation, Canon Medical Systems, GE, Bruker, Hitachi Ltd., Illumina Inc., and Neusoft Corporation.


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