Wicker is one of the most popular types of furniture to put outside, since it’s durable enough to withstand the outdoors and still look nice. However, if you want your wicker furniture and rugs to last as long as possible, you’ll need to provide some regular maintenance. If you’re wondering how to care for Plastic Rattan Set furniture and rugs, these tips on cleaning and protecting them should help you get started.

Cleaning and Maintaining Rattan

Rattan should be maintained just like any other wood furniture. Vacuum your rattan and wicker pieces occasionally with a soft brush vacuum attachment to remove dust. Use wood furniture polish such as Murphy's Oil Soap® or Pledge® as directed to keep the original finish clean.

How to Remove Scratches From Rattan

If the surface is not smooth, sand first with steel wool or fine grit sandpaper.

Apply the appropriate colored marker to the affected and surrounding areas and blend.

Blend with your finger or paper towel.

If a darker touch up is needed, let dry for 30 seconds and reapply marker.

If the shine on the finish is not consistent apply blush spray, remembering to spray the surrounding areas to blend.

Tips to maintain your Rattan Furniture

Rattan garden furniture cleaning should be done regularly to ensure it maintains its beauty. This can be done periodically say on a on a weekly or monthly basis. The following tips will help you care for your rattan furniture:

If you want to use the jet wash to remove the stubborn dirt and clean the furniture, make sure the setting is adjusted appropriately for low pressure. The jet should also be kept at a good distance to prevent the snapping of the rattan threads. The best time to use the jet is at the beginning or end of the summer season.

A hand held vacuum cleaner can be used to suck out the dirt and dust from the rattan furniture.

Proper care is needed when cleaning the rattan furniture cushion. Cushions should only be cleaned where necessary and not frequently. If you have to replace the cushions, look out for removable, machine washable and shower proof varieties. A proper cushion cover can be added to prevent wear and tear of the cushion. The most popular makes in the market are made from polyester, and feature PVC trims and water taped seams.

If you have a cracked or dried rattan, you can restore it back into top shape by applying heated linseed oil with the help of a soft brush. Ready-made linseed can be bought from most hardware stores in the UK. Once you have applied sufficient oil to the entire furniture, wipe the excess oil with a soft, dry piece of clothing and allow the rattan to dry out before use.

Natural rattan furniture can also be restored using varnish, liquid wax and stain. Liquid wax is highly recommended for unpainted furniture. The same results can be obtained using the liquid lacquer, which dries out quickly to form a protective covering for your furniture. The stain on its part should be applied on dried furniture using a thick brush. Any excess liquid should be wiped off using a clean rag. To treat your garden rattan furniture with varnish, apply about 2 coats once a year to enhance your furniture’s waterproofing qualities.

As part of furniture care, natural rattan furniture’s should be taken indoors during wet winter weather. Overexposing the furniture to the sun is not recommended because of the harmful UV rays. The exposure can easily cause colour bleaching and weakening of both your natural and synthetic rattan. You can form a habit of rotating your furniture’s every often to prevent any of the pieces from wearing out due to exposure to the sun.

Take the every opportunity to clean up any spills in your furniture using a damp cloth. This will help prevent any permanent stains from sticking out or forming permanent marks.

Furniture grade rubber stoppers should be placed on the feet of the furniture to prevent furniture splitting and cracking.

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