Carbon Fiber suppliers As a composite material, satin weave carbon fiber contains more than 95% carbon and is a synthetic material. We all know that the chemical properties of carbon are relatively stable, so it also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, but this chemical stability does not include combustion. For example, after a certain arrangement and combination of carbon, it forms a specific The structure of diamond, like diamond, can be the hardest substance naturally formed in nature, but diamond can still burn. In fact, after a certain arrangement and combination of carbon, the carbon fiber formed is very different from the carbon we usually know. Because the most common carbon we usually use is charcoal, which is often used as a material for barbecues. It is relatively brittle in the hand and can be easily broken, but the strength of carbon fiber can be very high, usually reaching the level of steel. 7 to 9 times. In addition, satin weave carbon fiber also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance. Of course, if certain conditions are met, carbon fiber can still continue to burn, but its temperature is generally above 1000 掳C. Because of its relatively high strength, carbon fiber is usually made into a tubular shape, and the tube wall is also very thin, and the material will become very light. Based on these characteristics of carbon fiber, satin weave carbon fiber is also widely used in many fields, such as fishing rods, badminton rackets and bicycles used in our daily life, due to its light weight and relatively strong strength. High, so these items are very convenient to use, more labor-saving, and more wear-resistant, and will not cause serious wear and tear due to long-term use.Carbon Fiber suppliers website: