Boondocks Carriers was made by Frederick W. "Rick" Brown (a Unified Carriers pilot), his significant other Janice Brown, and Bounce Schulman, the last two having worked at the first Outskirts Carriers (1950-1986). In 1993, Mainland Carriers was downsizing departures from Denver's Stapleton Global Air terminal, and the three proposed a contract aircraft named AeroDenver Travel Administrations to fill interest on worldwide courses, possibly in organization with Condor Airlines.  To run the organization, they got M.C. "Hank" Lund (ex-Chief of the first Outskirts Aircrafts) as President and Sam Addoms as leader VP and financier (later CEO). As Mainland's Denver disadvantage extended in scope in late 1993, the proposed carrier turned to fill provincial courses, and embraced the Wilderness Aircrafts name.For more information about what cities does frontier airlines fly to? visit us.