Pepper Spray manufacturers SpecificationPoduct namePersonal Self Defence Pepper SprayUsageSelf Defense and Decoration
Volume15mlSpray distance鈮?m
Effective spray time鈮?sSuitable temperature-30鈩?+45鈩?/p>
Spare Reliability鈮?98%Size93.5*(D)33.5mm
Packaging1 pc/box;10 box/mid boxMid box185*75*105mm
Product DescriptionPepper spray, used for emergency defense, is very camouflaged, and can be kept in pockets and handbags. In case of a situation, take it out, aim it at the face of the gangster, push it gently, and the mist-like gas will be ejected, which can make the gangster unable to open their eyes and cough so strongly that they cannot carry out an attack. You can subdue the gangster without much effort. The inside of the product is highly concentrated chili water, which is not harmful to the human body. Generally more than 20 minutes can be removed by itself, can be washed off with water. This product is effective within five meters, please do not use it against the wind. The product adopts a unique imitation mousse bottle shape and a push-type nozzle design, which is large in volume and has a long use time. It is equipped with a belt clip, which is convenient and fast. When encountering danger, just keep pressing the black nozzle at the face of the intruder, and it can instantly make it lose its offensive ability, which is more effective in group defense.
Main Effect1.Temporary blindness for 50 minutes immediately after contact with eyes.
2.Pepper spray can be carried anywhere, such as bicycles, police sticks, door handle.,, cars, and can be quickly disassembled and used in case of emergency,
Persistent cough and dyspnea for 5-25 minutes immediately after inhalation of chili liquid.
4.Higher doses sprayed can increase the duration and distress of symptoms.Pepper Spray manufacturers