plastics injection molding suppliers Shanghai Olimy is locating in Shanghai, who is specialized in custom plastic injection molding and fiberglass compression molding for 10 years. Shanghai Olimy’s contract manufacturing services include engineering, design, mold making, manufacturing and finished assembly, also added service such as chrome plating, welding etc. We are continuously deliverying components and finished products which are used as automotive parts, electronic parts, medical equipement, household appliance, construction parts and industrial machinery etc.
1. Design and Development:
Engineering and mold design are the two most important factors for success, we have the responsibility to assist our customers with plastic injection mold and fiberglass compression mold design to work out an perfect design which is suitable for injection molding or compression molding More flexible mold design is our something we need to focusing on to save cost for customers, the following is what we do:
1.1 Stack molds(multi cavities)
1.2 Molded-in color
1.3 Insert molding
1.4 Over molding
1.5 Multi-shot molding
In addition, engineers and designers in Shanghai Olimy are not only responsible for part design, tool design, mold building, we will be also responsible for material selection. Now Shanghai Olimy is working with well-known brands like Basf, Bayer, LG,DOW , Sabic, etc and you can point some brands directly. Also we will suggest cost effective material according to the application, use objectives, use environment and intended market of your parts.
2. Tool building
With 5 engineers who have been working in plastic injection molding and fiberglass compression molding for more than 10 years, we have plenty experience to make excellent molds for customers, which including the selection and application of MUD, Unscrewing Molds, Action Molds, Two Plate Molds, Three Plate Molds, Hot Runner System etc
Normally mold building includes following steps: Six surface processing, Cavity&Core water processing, CNC rough machining, heat treatment, CNC finish machining, Electordes making, EDM, Line cut, accessories processing, polish, surface treatment and mold assembly etc.
3. Plastic injection molding services:
Plastic injection molding is one of our main service line, with 29 sets in house injection machines, press of which varies from 50 ton to 1600 ton, this makes us able to produce small size, medium size and also big size parts for you.plastics injection molding suppliers