What is probably happening and Animal Crossing Items why they won't even reveal us an update: A completely different style of Zelda. It's not unprecedented. They could have gotten side-tracked here, and just redesigned the game completely. New map, fresh artwork style, new narrative, who knows. For all this waiting, I'd welcome it.

I like to believe we still dont know enough about the world of botw, if its the exact same exact world map would say I wouldnt be into it but the area we get to research in the first game isn't all the world. I believe we're gonna get a brand new side of hyrule. But unlike Esam who will forever be tormented by"boxing ring" and other such matters he said, if any of us get famous now we could always use different usernames so nobody knows exactly what we said and did when we were stupid children.

Really made me understand the price of anonymity that large streamers/youtubers and actors pay. Well worth the purchase price IMO but it's definitely a factor.

There was little to no regard for Sakurai in the west in the afternoon. I remember there was a popular webseries of SSB bits made from spritework and there was an whole joke of Ridley, Geno, Mega man, and some different characters getting mad they weren't from the game and Geno only fireblasting all Japan for this. It was just like, in retrospect, incredibly fucked up

You are right that there was a lot of hate and disrespect towards Sakurai, but Smash Kingdom was in great fun and generally featured a lot of dark humor. You have to dig deep into the archives of Smashboards, GameFAQs and NeoGAF (if that's even possible with the latter) to discover the true vitriol.

Yeah there are a few straight up death threats in there. Same would be said today here, but it would get downvoted into oblivion.

That said I really do want Skull Kid was at the exact same amount of demand today as he was then. Zelda nevertheless has gotten no longer meaningful representation, and Skull Kid stays the best choice to give the franchise it is much deserved new fighter--and yet he's been mostly forgotten in talks about new characters. I would really be very happy with Midna or Tetra too. Only SOMEONE to represent Zelda that isn't a Triforce Trio incarnation.

I have a feeling that we are going to get BOTW Zelda, and Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket while I do believe that could be cool I would be disappointed if Zelda's just purposeful representation because freaking MELEE are another Zelda.