During the Desert Safari Abu Dhabi tour, you will enjoy 6-7 hours of adventure and entertainment. The dunes of Abu Dhabi are where the nomadic Arabs used to venture on their journeys. You will get a wide variety of fun activities and rides like

* horse riding 

* camel riding 

* dune bashing

* quad biking 

* enjoys henna painting, and tattoos. 

Abu Dhabi is one of the most famous places being the capital of the UAE. There are many tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi, including

the world’s tallest indoor climbing wall

* Shiekh Zayed Mosque 

* Ferrari Theme Park 

* Yas Island, and many others. 

Let’s not forget the world’s largest Arabian sand, the Empty Quarter desert safari in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Desert Safari - An Exclusive tour for 6 hours

Furthermore, you can also enjoy live dance performances in the Abu Dhabi desert safari with ith ka anyway. Including

* belly dance 

* Tanura dance 

* fire show, and much more 

Moreover, if you hire any tourist agencies, you will get pick-and-drop services.

In terms of delicious Arabic BBQ and dinner buffets. You will get everything you need to make your visit to Abu Dhabi worthwhile.

When visiting Abu Dhabi, don’t forget to book your Abu Dhabi desert safari tickets.

What are the inclusions of the Abu Dhabi Desert Safari package?

First of all, you have a choice to choose the packages for a thrilling ride. You can either go for the morning desert safari, evening, or an overnight and evening desert safari. Each of them has its charm.

On the morning tour, you can enjoy the blazing sunrise and take photographs of this breathtaking view. TOn the evening tour, you can enjoy the sunset in the sand and can view the gloomy side of the sand., However, you can enjoy live entertainment activities.

In the overnight desert safari in Abu Dhabi, you can enjoy overnight camping after a splendid buffet dinner. Count the stars in the sand from the sky and spend some quality time with your loved ones. Let’s examine in detail the inclusions of Desert Safari Abu Dhabi.

Pick & Drop Service

All the basic and advanced packages include this facility for the convenience of its customers. You will be pup picked up from your hotel and droff opp off ed at the exact location on time.

The 4×4 land cruiser will be at your service, and the professional drivers will take on the fascinating tour.

Taking on the Dunes

You can enjoy the dune bashing in the 4×4 SUVs after arriving at the campsite. Ride the dunes in thrilling cut-and-curves. As you ride the dunes, fasten your seat belts, hold your band, and enjoy the highs and lows. Don’t worry; you will get safety gear. You can also take pictures.

Camel Riding

You will also be able to ride camels as part of the Desert Safari Abu Dhabi package. As well as wear Arabian costumes with the trip to the dunes. There is also a falconry show included in the package.


The massive high dunes are perfect for surfing. People of all ages can enjoy sandboarding. Skiing is allowed in the permitted area. Don’t worry if you aren’t a pro. Your feet will be secured to the board for your safety.


Photography is part of the desert safari in Abu Dhabi. Grab the golden hour of sunrise and sunset to take splendid photographs. That you will not take your eye off the pictures. Sunrise and sunset in the dunes of Arabia have an utterly marvelous vibe. Even you can enjoy taking photos in Arabic costumes.

Drinks &refreshments are limited

After experiencing adventures, ride on the sand of the Arabian peninsula to quench your thirst and hunger. The Bedouin camp will serve tea, coffee, soft drinks, mineral water, and snacks as you settle in.

Quad Bike

off-road quad bike ride would also be there, which is an additional bundle of thrill. You can hurl yourself through the dunes on the ATV. Along with all gear gear gear and be the winner of your race.

Henna Designing & Tattoos

The package includes the opportunity to experience Henna and Tattoo designing by professionals. The designs look beautiful and are ideal for women.