In reality, 72 % of the bottom third is comprised from AFC teams. In that third are three AFC West teams, except Denver.The 49ers are the closest to a top choice consensus as of right currently. Denver and Madden 23 coins Seattle remain in the middle in the race for second spot. The Broncos have seen a slight drop from the beginning of preseason probably due to a few injuries.Convenient: the top twelve teams in this league are evenly divided 6-6 between NFC as well as AFC teams. I'm wondering what teams are trying to keep the score even.The Bengals at No. 5? Sleeper pick? The Rams are ranked at 17. In 2011. St. Louis had been placed at 18 for the start of the season , and ended the season ranked dead last. The 2012 season saw them began the season with a rank of 29 and ended the season at 17.500. For Rams supporters, I hope this isn't an ongoing cycle.Interesting to note that Jaguars rankings didn't change in any way, even though the Raiders beat them.Looks like ESPN is trying to trolling New York. Or, perhaps they're still angry that with the way the Jets have released Tebow.Subjective Standard Deviation

Simply put, Standard Deviation is a instrument in statistics that measures the amount of variance in a number. In simpler terms I employ it to determine who is ranked most and least consistently. With Standard Deviation, the lower the number, the more reliable the results in the set. This means that the smaller number in the Standard Deviation, the more reliable the rankings. It's the opposite The higher it is, the more reliable the rankings.

The table is sorted from the most consistently ranked to least-consistently-ranked

Notes: 75 percent of teams (24 of 32) were able to see their Standard Deviation rise this week. It's likely because there are more data sources available than I did last time.As is normal, the teams on the extreme ends of the spectrum tend to be more consistently placed. This is the inherent nature of just making use of pure Standard Deviation. I'll figure out a way to standardize the numbers.It is fascinating that the Saints are so wildly different in their rankings. The media have them anywhere from 18th to all the way to 5th. This is quite a range.

This is it for this week. The following week, after games have been actually played, we'll add the sites for objective rankings and begin to really compare numbers.

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