If you're planning a trip to Paris and looking for a unique and interesting experience, then the Catacombs Tour is a must-see attraction. The Paris Catacombs are a network of underground tunnels and crypts that hold the remains of over six million people. In this blog, we will provide some top locations to see on the Catacombs Tours Paris .


  1. The Entrance to the Catacombs


The entrance to the Paris Catacombs is located in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. It's a small unassuming building with a sign that says "Catacombs." It's easy to miss, so keep an eye out for the long line of people waiting to get in. Once inside, you'll descend a spiral staircase that leads to the underground tunnels.


  1. The Ossuary


The ossuary is the main attraction of the Catacombs Tour. It's a series of underground tunnels that are lined with the bones and skulls of the deceased. The ossuary is a sombre and eerie experience, but it's also a fascinating look at Paris' history and how the city has dealt with its dead.


  1. The Crypt of the Sepulchral Lamp


The Crypt of the Sepulchral Lamp is a highlight of the Catacombs Tour. It's a small chapel that's decorated with bones and skulls arranged in intricate patterns. The centrepiece of the chapel is the Sepulchral Lamp, a lamp made entirely of human bones. It's a macabre sight, but it's also an example of the artistry that went into the decoration of the catacombs.


Why Book Catacombs Tours Paris?


Booking a Catacombs Tours Paris is essential for a safe and enjoyable experience. The Paris Catacombs are a massive underground network that can be dangerous to explore without a guide. Moreover, a guide can provide historical and cultural context, making the experience much more meaningful.


Booking a Catacombs Tour in Paris also allows you to skip the long lines, which can save you a lot of time and frustration. The lines for the Catacombs can be incredibly long, especially during peak tourist season, and a tour allows you to bypass the lines and get straight to the exhibits.


The Catacombs Tour in Paris is a unique and fascinating experience that's not to be missed. Whether you're interested in history, or art, or just want to explore something different, the Paris Catacombs are a must-see attraction. So, book your Catacombs Tour in Paris today, and get ready to explore the underground tunnels and crypts that hold the remains of Paris' past.