The availability of strains, including exclusive ones, can vary depending on several factors. Some strains may be developed and marketed by specific breeders or cannabis companies, and they may choose to offer these strains exclusively through certain dispensaries or distribution channels. This exclusivity can be due to contractual agreements, limited production, or branding strategies.

In general, cannabis strains can be available at both specific dispensaries and more widely across different locations, depending on their popularity and distribution networks. Popular strains are often more widely available as they are in high demand and may be carried by multiple dispensaries.

To determine the availability of "Doja Exclusive" strains, it would be best to consult up-to-date information from local dispensaries or online cannabis marketplaces. These sources can provide the most accurate and current information about strain availability, including any exclusive offerings.

Remember that cannabis laws and regulations vary between jurisdictions, so it's important to consider the legal status of cannabis and associated products in your specific location before making any purchases or inquiries.