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In our Indian society, the objective of marriage is propagation, having children to carry forward the family name. The name & achievements of a childless person are forgotten with his or her Death. Childless couples do not get due respect in the society. They are considered to be handicapped. They have to bear the taunts from people. Sometimes the taunts become so unbearable that the women commit suicide or have extra marital affairs to have children because it is the woman who is held responsible for having no children. Some times, pressurized by the family members, the husbands give divorce to the wives.


Meaning of infertility.

If you are married and you want a child. You are having intercourse regularly, without using any contraceptives (condom, copper T or contraceptive pills). After doing all this, if the wife does not conceive for A YEAR, it is called infertility.

In 30 % cases, the men are at fault for having no children, In 30 % cases, the women are at fault, In 30 % cases, both the men and women are at fault and in remaining 10 % cases, the reason is unknown. For having a healthy baby, the outer and inner sex organs of the man and woman need to be normal. Any disease or abnormality in these organs will make it difficult to conceive.


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