If you see that your hp scanner not working then, you do not need to worry as this issue is not very rare and there are some very simple methods that people can use when they want to ensure that your scanner works without any issues.

Simple Troubleshooting Methods to Fix HP Scanner

There are many people who have observed that the Hp scanner not working but printer is and in this case, you can refer to the commands that we are providing here. 

1. Ensure that the Scanner is Connected

The first thing people need to make sure if they see that their scanner is not working is to see that the scanner is connected. You should check all the USB ports and USB Cables to make sure that your scanner works without any issues. 

2. Update the Driver of the Scanner

Another reason why your hp printer won’t scan is the scanner driver that you are using. If the driver of your scanner is not updated then, you will not be able to use the scanner to scan pages and this is why make sure that you update your scanner driver. 

 With these two methods, you will be able to easily fix any issues that you are facing with your HP scanner.