ChinaRetailWoodenHangerfactoryManufacturs 銆怣EASUREMENTS銆?7.5" W X 9"H X 0.47"T. Flat body. Each hanger maximizes your closet's storage space. Perfect for a tank top, suit, jeans, coat, and dress. 銆怭RACTICAL FEATURES銆慣hese luxurious clothes hangers are made of smooth natural wood with all practical features as an anti-rust 360掳 chrome hook, a grooved, vinyl-covered pant bar, and a contoured shoulder line with perfectly cut notches. 銆怱AFE & NON-TOXIC COATING銆慣hese sold wood hangers cover with water-based non-toxic paint which is safe for all ages using. You will not feel the smell of paint, only the fragrance of wood. 銆怱MOOTH FINISH銆慐legantly handcrafted from premium solid wood; these pant hangers have unsurpassed strength and durability. They have been sanded to a smooth, splinter-free finish and coated in clear lacquer for added protection and to bring out the natural wood grain. 銆怑RGONOMIC DESIGN銆慠est assured grooves on each side can be used to securely hang your tank tops, dresses, bras, hats, belts, nightgowns, shawls, and skirts. The thick horizontal bar can store jeans and trousers. Maximizes the storage space and makes full use of your wardrobe. 銆怬RGANIZE YOUR CLOSET銆慍urved shoulder design of our clothing hangers helps your coats or suits maintain their form while hanging neatly in your bedroom closet. These retro wooden clothes hangers will keep all your shirts, dresses, jackets, suits, pants, blouses, and coats crease-free.ChinaRetailWoodenHangerfactoryManufacturs website: