POCT Lipid Meter Introduction: The Lipid Meter is intended for the quantitative determination of Total Cholesterol (TC), High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol (HDL), Triglycerides (TG), and the calculated ratio of TC/HDL and Low Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol (LDL) in capillary and venous human whole blood, plasma, and serum. The easy to operate system consists of a portable meter that analyzes the intensity and color of light reflected from the reagent area of a test device, ensuring quick and accurate results. The Lipid Meter provides results in less than 2 minutes. The lipid meter can store up to 200 results and records can be transferred to a computer for further analysis using the USB port. The lipid meter can be operated by 3 AAA (1.5V) batteries. Lipid Meter Details Use the below diagram to become familiar with all the parts of the lipid meter. Operation Measurement Range TC: 100-500mg/dL(2.59-12.93mmol/L, 1mmol/L=38.66mg/dL) HDL: 15-120mg/dL(0.39-3.10mmol/L, 1mmol/L=38.66mg/dL) TG: 45-650mg/dL(0.51-7.34mmol/L, 1mmol/L=88.6mg/dL) Accuracy Lipid Meter Features 鈼?nbsp;Portable Compact and lightweight Easy to transport and store Handheld, battery-operated 鈼?nbsp;Fast Within 120s 鈼?nbsp;Reliable Operatable between 15鈩?and 40鈩?/p> Certificate ShippingPOCT website:http://www.yicare-medical.com/poct/