John Deere 3028 EN -

John Deere delivers high-performing tractor models for every farming field. Moreover, the John Deere 3028 EN is a powerful mini tractor model from this brand. It has a fuel-efficient 28 HP, ideal for small to medium farms. Also, this mini tractor is suitable for garden maintenance and orchard farming. As a result, it is a popular choice among every crop grower. However, this John Deere mini tractor price is reasonable according to the features. It is available from Rs. 7.10 - 7.55 lakh in India. 

Eicher 188 -

Eicher 188 is a power-packed tractor for mini farms at a budget-friendly price. It has various modern features to make it stand out from the other mini farming vehicles. As a result, it is famous for hassle-free crop production. Apart from this, its 18 HP engine delivers fuel-efficient performance as per the requirements of the crop. Also, it is popular among Indian farmers because this Eicher mini tractor price is budget-friendly. The price of Eicher 188 is Rs. 3.20 - 3.30 lakh in India. 

Indo Farm 1020 DI -

Indo Farm offers excellent farming tractors to improve crop productivity. It has a popular mini tractor model named the Indo Farm 1020 DI. This mini tractor gives a powerful performance on every crop field, and it is ideal for small and marginal farmers. Moreover, this Indo Farm mini tractor price is economical, according to Ind

ian farmers. Hence, choosing this mini tractor for small-scale farming will be the right decision. 

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