In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, cloud computing has become an integral part of modern businesses. Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud platforms, offering a wide range of services to organizations worldwide. To harness the power of Azure effectively, it's crucial to have a fundamental understanding of its concepts and features. The Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certification, commonly known as AZ-900, serves as the perfect entry point for individuals looking to familiarize themselves with Azure. In this article, we will explore what is AZ-900 certification?   , why it's valuable, and what you can expect from it.

What is AZ-900?

The AZ-900 certification is an entry-level credential offered by Microsoft to validate an individual's foundational knowledge of Azure cloud services. It is designed for beginners with little to no prior experience with Azure, making it an ideal starting point for those looking to build a career in cloud computing or enhance their existing skill set.

Key Objectives

To earn the AZ-900 certification, candidates are required to demonstrate their understanding of the following core Azure concepts:

  1. Cloud Concepts: Understand the basic principles of cloud computing, including the different cloud deployment models (public, private, hybrid), service models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), and cloud advantages and considerations.

  2. Azure Services: Gain knowledge of various Azure services and solutions across compute, storage, networking, and databases. This includes virtual machines, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Virtual Networks, and Azure SQL Database, among others.

  3. Azure Pricing, SLA, and Lifecycle: Familiarize yourself with Azure pricing models, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and the Azure service lifecycle to make informed decisions regarding resource provisioning and management.

  4. Azure Governance and Compliance: Learn about Azure's role-based access control (RBAC), policies, and compliance standards, ensuring the secure and compliant use of Azure resources.

  5. Azure Identity Services: Understand how Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) works and its role in managing identities, access control, and authentication in Azure.

  6. Azure Security and Privacy: Explore Azure's security features, including Azure Firewall, DDoS protection, and encryption methods, to safeguard data and applications.

Why is AZ-900 Valuable?

  1. Foundation for Azure Mastery: AZ-900 provides a strong foundational knowledge base upon which you can build more advanced Azure certifications. It serves as an excellent starting point for anyone looking to specialize in areas like Azure administration, development, or architecture.

  2. Career Opportunities: Many organizations require Azure proficiency, and having an AZ-900 certification can make you stand out in the job market. It can open doors to entry-level cloud roles and potentially increase your earning potential.

  3. Business Insights: Even if you're not pursuing a technical career, AZ-900 can help you understand how Azure can benefit your organization. This knowledge can be valuable in non-technical roles, such as sales, marketing, or management.

  4. Cost Optimization: Understanding Azure pricing models and cost management through AZ-900 can help organizations optimize their cloud spending, making it a valuable asset for financial and procurement professionals.

Preparing for the AZ-900 Exam

Microsoft offers various resources to help you prepare for the AZ-900 exam, including official documentation, online courses, practice tests, and study guides. Consider the following steps to prepare effectively:

  1. Review Microsoft's Official Exam Page: Start by visiting Microsoft's official AZ-900 exam page to understand the exam objectives and requirements.

  2. Online Courses: Enroll in online courses provided by Microsoft or other reputable platforms like Pluralsight, Udemy, or Coursera.

  3. Practice Tests: Take advantage of practice tests to assess your knowledge and identify areas that require further study.

  4. Hands-On Experience: Whenever possible, try out Azure services and features through the Azure Portal to reinforce your understanding.

  5. Study Guides and Books: Utilize study guides and recommended books to complement your learning process.


The Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) certification is the gateway to Azure for individuals looking to embark on a cloud computing journey. Whether you're aiming to build a career in cloud technology or simply want to understand Azure's capabilities, AZ-900 provides you with the foundational knowledge needed to explore the vast world of Microsoft Azure. By obtaining this certification, you not only enhance your career prospects but also gain valuable insights into the cloud technologies shaping our digital future.