Combat Vehicles: High-tech and dressed in steel: the best and most legendary tanks of the last several decades and today. Massive, heavy, and very dangerous: combat vehicles are still the symbol of armed conflict. And since the military has always taken a leading role in technological development, the combat vehicles of today are all high-tech machines. Combat vehicles come in countless variations: as battle tanks or troop transporters, with steel or rubber tracks, fast and agile or heavy and well-armored. We examine the most extraordinary combat vehicles in the world. Combat tank experts consider the Leopard 2 the best compromise of firepower, armor, and mobility. Until 2017, it had a reputation for being nearly indestructible. Not one Leopard 2 was lost in either Afghanistan or in the Kosovo War, thus contributing to the myth of the tank’s invulnerability. This has changed in the war in Syria, but the Leopard 2A7 is still one of the best tanks in the world. Another legendary tank, although from another time: the armored fighting vehicle VI Tiger, known as the Tiger I. It was the most dreaded tank of World War II. In its day, the tank was so big and its gun so powerful that opponents barely had a chance. Nevertheless, the Tiger was its own worst enemy …. The Merkava Mark IV’s unusual design makes it an exotic tank. But this is also what provides its crew with unmatched protection. The T-54/55 is the Toyota Corolla of tanks. No other tank was built as frequently. What makes the Russian tank so successful? The CV90 is the most modern and versatile infantry fighting vehicle in the world. Countless versions based on the same basic model have been built for various customers.