The age of majority in the nation in which you now reside, if you are not yet 18 years old, is the minimum age requirement to access this website. You use this website at your own risk if you are visiting from a nation where access to adult content or any related activity is illegal. Adherence to local legislation is incumbent upon you. Adults can only market their time and company to other adult individuals through the service this website offers. It doesn't accept payments on behalf of advertisers (or any commission from them), set up meetings, or offer booking services. Advertisers only provide prices that are related to time. Anything that services
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    This website is only accessible to those who meet the minimum age requirement of 18 (or the legal majority in your country of residence); if not, you are not permitted to access the content. You use this website at your own risk if you are visiting from a nation that forbids access to adult content or other related activities. It is your duty to abide by local laws. This website solely offers a service that lets adults promote their availability for companionship and time. It doesn't set up appointments, handle payments on behalf of advertisers, or accept commissions from them. Advertisers just include time in their pricing.
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