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Welcome to our 360 DIGITECH marketing in lucknow .In our 360 digitech company we provide training of Search Engine Optimization , Social Media Marketing , Web Design & Development , UI UX Design , E Commerce Support , Guest Posting and more to the students.

What is SEO ?

SEO - It means Search Engine Optimization and it is used for optimization of websites configuration , content purpose and the link acceptance so that we can find it easily . By this search engine we rank them better . Search Engines help people to find whatever they want to search online .

Types of SEO

SMM - It means Social Media Marketing , it is also known as digital marketing , e-marketing . It is used for to build a company’s own brand and increase websites traffic , social media marketing is very powerful .Social Media Marketing is works as facebook , twitter , instagram and many more .

Web Design & Development - Web design & development describe the process of creating a website . Web design is a graphic artist , while web developer is that who build a structure of their website .

UI UX Design - UI UX Design means Use Interface Design or Engineering , it is for software of computer , mobiles and all the electronic devices .

E Commerce Support - It is also known as e commerce service . In this assist customers of online stores with their problems or their request .E Commerce is very helpful for their customers as they can browse website online , buying of products which is easily they get online .

Guest Posting - The behave of content writing for any other company’s website , it is also known as ‘guest blogging’ .

Conclusion :
Digital Marketing is one of the best marketing which is very good for every person to do it . In our company in New York we provide SEO training and many others.

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